CNC Routers in China - A Look at Their Capabilities and Applications(designing snap fits Chad)

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China has become a major manufacturer of CNC routers due to its expertise in machining and automation technology. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) routers utilize computer controls to direct the movement of the cutting head to shape materials like wood, plastic, aluminum and steel. Chinese CNC router manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes and capabilities to suit different industry needs.
CNC Router Manufacturers in China
Some of the major CNC router manufacturers in China include:
- Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co. - Founded in 1992, they offer 3-5 axis CNC routers for engraving, cutting and milling. Sizes range from 1.2x2.4m to 3x12m.
- Jinan D&H CNC Equipment Co. - Manufactures 3-5 axis CNC routers since 2008. Models include 1325, 1610ATC, 1610CNC, and customized sizes.
- Jinan Ruijie Mechanical Equipment Co. - Offers CNC routers since 2010 for industries like furniture, acrylics, aluminum, advertising, etc. Sizes from 1.3x2.5m to 3x6m.
- Weihong CNC Machinery Manufacturing Co. - Established in 2005, Weihong produces 3-5 axis CNC routers for wood, acrylics, non-ferrous metals, plastics, etc. Sizes range from 1.3x2.5m to 4x25m.
- Boshan Art Wave CNC Equipment Co. - Founded in 1993, Art Wave manufactures CNC routers for industries like furniture, kitchen cabinets, musical instruments, etc. Sizes from 1.5x3m to 4x12m.
China's CNC Router Capabilities
Chinese CNC router manufacturers offer advanced capabilities that compete with top brands worldwide:
- Precision - CNC routers from China can achieve precision to 0.02mm for cutting patterns and profiles accurately. They use ballscrew/linear guideways systems for smooth, precise motion.
- Power - Stepper or servo motors from 5HP to 25HP are available depending on workload. Spindles range from 6000 to 32000 RPM for excellent cutting performance.
- Speed - Rapid traverse speeds up to 10000mm/min allow fast tool positioning and cycle times. Linear motors boost acceleration for increased productivity.
- Automation - Support for ATC (Automatic Tool Changer) to switch tools automatically for longer unattended operation. Brands like Jinan D&H offer up to 24 tools capacity ATC.
- Software - Compatible with industry-standard CAD/CAM software like ArtCam, TypeEdit, AutoCAD, UG, etc and G-code for custom programming. Includes optimization features.
- Safety - Provides full enclosure, limit switches, E-stop button for operator safety. Brands like Weihong meet CE safety standards.
- Cost - Chinese CNC routers provide an affordable solution without compromising on quality and performance. Significant cost savings over imported brands.
Applications of Chinese CNC Routers
- Woodworking - Furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments, decorative panels, etc. 3-5 axis routers deliver intricate carving, joinery, lamination and finishing.
- Plastics - Acrylic fabrications, signage, displays, plastic milling, engraving and prototyping. HD spindles provide smooth edge finishing.
- Metals - Aluminum cutting, sculpting, drilling for aerospace and automotive parts, jewelry, medical devices, etc.
- Stone - Granite, marble, slate engraving and profiling for decorative pieces, monuments, kitchen countertops, etc.
- Composites - Carbon fiber, fiberglass cutting for automotive, aviation and marine industries requiring high precision.
- Foam/Polystyrene - For architectural decor, movie & theater set design, Styrofoam mold masters, etc. Hot wire capabilities.
- Electronics - PCB milling, chemical etching for circuit board and silicon wafer prototyping and production.
Chinese CNC router manufacturers like Jinan Bodor, Jinan D&H and Weihong offer well-built, affordable machines with advanced capabilities for all types of fabrication and production purposes. Their high speed, precision and automation features make them an ideal choice for woodworking, plastics, metals, composites and other materials processing industries worldwide. With continued innovation and improved quality, China aims to be a one-stop supplier of CNC routing solutions. CNC Milling CNC Machining