Laser Cutting machine and laser beam welding accept the working principle of machine

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Laser Cutting machine and laser beam welding are received machine it is to rely on laser to finish treatment job, but both functional sex is having however very big different. So, is this both between what kind of distinction having? High-energy laser introduces respectively below! Above all, what we should understand is Laser Cutting machine it is how to finish cut of this function. Engine of Laser Cutting aircraft is the horizontal laser that gives out by laser place bundle via 45 ° total reflection lens turns into perpendicular the laser that be down bundle, classics lens gathers after, get together in focal place the facula of one minimum, in facula place can anxious laser power density is as high as 10^6~10^9W/cm^2. The workpiece that is in its focus place shines by the laser facula of high power density, can produce the partial high temperature of above of 10000 ° C, make workpiece instantly vaporization, cooperate again auxiliary incision gas blows the metal of vaporization, cut work thereby wear a very small hole, as the shift of numerical control machine tool, countless alveolus join rose to become the external form that should cut. The frequency that dissections because of laser is very tall, so every alveolus joins place is very lubricant, the commodity that incision comes out is bright and clean degree very tall. However, laser beam welding is received machine be a kind solder new-styly method, principal of data, delicate to Bao Bi spare parts solder, achievable spot welding, butt welding, fold solder, sealed solder to wait, deep wide than tall, welding line width is small, hot influence area is small, be out of shape small, solder rate is rapid, welding line evenness, beautiful, need not be handled after solder or need brief processing only, welding line quality is high, without air hole, but accurate control, collect spot small, fixed position precision is tall, the easy automation that finish. It uses the laser pulse of high-energy quantity to undertake the part inside petty area heat to the data, laser radiant energy passes the interior of oriented data to diffuse through heat, specific bath is formed after fusing the data. Believe to pass the introduction above, everybody can have certain knowledge to equipment of two kinds of laser! Actually, laser beam welding receives the principle likeness of the principle of machine and cut, but achieved goal is contrary however, on the its mainest power that depends on laser secretly. Basis classics all through the ages says, both it is to be able to be in what symbiosis finishs above a machine actually, write a program to differ somewhat merely, transfers laser power has different. CNC Milling CNC Machining