Reamer of special alveolus essence

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My factory machines the alveolus of some spare parts, its diameter is F3.


030, F3.


030, deepness all is 10mm, the exterior surface roughness of alveolus all is Ra1.

6µm, via. Hardware data is in steel of carbolic alloy structure () of chromic manganese silicon steel, modular forging. Use a level formerly common aperture of bore with a reamer of reamer of 6 blade essence. Because hardware data tenacity is bigger, harder also, cutting process is worse. After spare parts alveolus passes aperture of bore, bore with a reamer, some alveolus surface is delimited leave a deep mark, make inside requirement of short of of exterior surface roughness, discard as useless consequently, the amount is quite large, create waste. One, 6 blade reamer allows the reason alveolus of alveolus cut bits chamfer is small, cut bits not to fall in groovy content, clip is in edge and inside among the surface. Cut bits also relatively pliable but strong, harder, when the surface inside the cut when reamer is rotational. Additional, 6 blade reamer allows alveolus bits chamfer is small, cut bits to swarm, cooling lubricating fluid cannot seasonable and sufficient cooling point, easy form the tumour that accumulate bits, adherent go up in reamer point, the surface inside cut discharges bits condition for improvement, should increase the chamfer discharging bits of reamer, designed special 2 blade, 3 blade and 4 blade reamer for this, undertook cutting experiments, obtained better result. Graph 1 alveolus 2 blade reamer 2, graph of reamer of 2 blade essence shows alveolus 1 times to make diametical F3 for bore with a reamer.


030, inside Ra1 of exterior surface roughness.

6µm alveolus and the reamer of 2 blade essence of the design, its technology asks to be the same as with general reamer. Chamfer of bits of this reamer look is big, facilitating platoon bits, be helpful for cooling fluid flowing into aperture inside; Blade bandwidth, cutting part is long, the horn before cutting blade has and sharp, facilitate successful excision cuts bits; Before cutting blade, from the back reach the surface roughness on first flank the value is little, be helpful for discharging bits, be helpful for making the appearance inside treatment alveolus solely, reduce surface roughness of the surface inside alveolus to be worth, but the treatment difficulty that also increased reamer. The diameter getting a heart of reamer was designed 0.

8, 1.

0, 1.

2, 1.

5mm4 is planted, this is to get used to different machine tool rotate speed, different feed is measured, different cutting ply (the bore with a reamer that differs namely cuts surplus) , and different workpiece material hardness, different cutting force. According to real need, the choice is optimal the reamer that gets a heart. Through try out, find out optimal cutting dosage () of a group of data, and those who get used to this cutting dosage to fall is optimal the reamer of 2 blade essence that gets a heart. Graph 2 alveolus 3 blade reamer 3, alveolus reamer of 3 blade essence and reamer of 4 blade essence use range to expand, improve try out result, designed 3 blade reamer again on foundation of design of 2 blade reamer (2) seeing a picture and 4 blade reamer (structure and 3 blade reamer are similar) . Get a heart to be designed for F1.

5mm, advocate if the experiment is below 3 blade and 4 blade circumstance (namely 3 chamfer that hold bit and chamfer of 4 looks bits) the cut phenomenon that whether can remove alveolus wall, find out optimal cutting dosage data, decide optimal reamer, preferred choose. Use above to increase the measure of the chamfer that hold bit, eliminated appearance of alveolus wall cut, rose inside aperture quality, removed waste product, raised economic benefits. CNC Milling CNC Machining