The course with face prudent mill

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Challenge: If why be mixed with cutting tool of small-sized high accuracy,technology of the blade that repair light develops reliable face mill technology, the surface with accurate implementation is bright and clean degree. Solution: Use new chamfer model, the new method that mill of brand knead dough uses. The one big demand of face mill is the processing factory should get used to lesser machine and main shaft dimension, cut cutting deepness and raise yield, the target is implementation exceedingly good surface is bright and clean degree. Accompanying what these change and come is chamfer of razor blade of higher main shaft rate, new-style high accuracy model, new name, in order to get used to higher rate and the demand that build smooth blade technology newly, bring higher yield thereby, produce the more product that gives nearly final figure. What was cost with precision in the past is inefficient problem, already mixed for machining center in face mill undertake 3 times two shallow the place of more small-sized milling cutter that takes a knife is replaced. As bit chamfer model, cutting tool precision and the development of technology of exterior Xiu Guangren, face mill craft is producible an accurate finishing product. Small-sized machine is on power under older large machine, uses milling cutter diameter is lesser, more accurate also. What this can be machined commonly to be engaged in and matrix and mould, aerospace and car spare parts make is medium or small the alternative that the processing factory offers economy. Deepness of cut to need cutting uses an occasion with what reduce final treatment, manufacturer can regard new CoroMill 490 as shallow face milling cutter of the standard is used, also be such to the cast of adjacent and accurate figuration and forging. Exercise quantity decreased, but precision rose, and use the new chamfer 4 point razor blade with the brand to take a knife producible give finishing product. Should achieve fast face bright and clean degree, the name of new generation razor blade that bit stock uses the new Xiu Guangren on milling cutter of CoroMill 590 face at cast-iron He Gangxi to cut. This kind of milling cutter with normal cutting parameter (Ap and Fz) gain finish machining face. Improvement appearance is bright and clean degree can be in cast-iron with the implementation on rolled steel. Be in in case analysis, the CoroMill 590 that uses Xiu Guangren did not leave any breaking to match on the spare parts, ra value is achieved 0.

M of 85 μ . The processing factory that uses new name bit can improve efficiency of face mill production 30% or taller, such OK and managing next enough new machine tools invest cost. CoroMill 490 can use as conclusion of shallow face milling cutter: The small and medium sized business such as mould and hardware manufacturer applies chamfer of new razor blade model with brand and new face mill method, can improve manufacturing efficiency, the province issues the investment cost of new machine tool. Of small-sized and accurate machine tool and main shaft and cutting tool of mill of new-style standard face use farther aggrandizement these fronts change. Use these muti_function the reserve expenditure that cutting tool can reduce much cutting tool, simplify manufacturing control. CNC Milling CNC Machining