Be not contact ball head to establish milling cutter to measure machine

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Company of Japanese Dong Yang high-quality goods rolls out a kind to be measured with what establish milling cutter at ball head machine, model is LTM300. This is 4 axes NC measures a kind of blame contact that uses laser technology automatically machine, can undertake after knife handle in cutting tool installation three-dimensional measure, attainable be close to the relevant data at machining condition. Be in not below the circumstance of debus cutting tool, can measure the cutting tool after giving treatment wear away or collapse blade condition, facilitate those who adjust cutting tool extend length. The measurement of this machine limits is a diameter 3 ~ 50mm, length 150 ~ 350mm, measure tine number to be 6 tine at most. The smallest, maximum that measures an outcome all is shown by screen, facilitating handlers undertakes judging. CNC Milling CNC Machining