The application of calorific rising head on cast of valve of ZG1Cr13 high pressure

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[summary] well control devices uses high-pressured valve, actuating pressure is high, organization of requirement cast noumenon is compact. Use technology of groovy heat preservation rising head, because rising head size is very large, cause cut difficulty, technology makes rate is low, the heat with larger at the same time presence affects an area, to arenaceous core medicinal powder heat is adverse, make rising head bottom often appears to enrage shrinkage cavity; and use calorific rising head, can make technology makes rate rise to 78 % by original 50 % , improved the be heated condition of arenaceous core at the same time, from go up at all solved cast to enrage shrinkage cavity blemish. High-pressured valve is one of main component of the oil extraction, wellhead device that gather gas, its noumenon structure is shown 1 times like the graph. Technical requirement: Cast must not have crackle, shrinkage cavity and be mingled with to wait cast blemish, via the hydraulic experiment of 70 MPa, not surface of treatment of blame of; of phenomenon of leakage of be patient of needs to undertake fluorescent material flaw detection, not face of treatment of; of existence of crackle of be patient of needs to undertake flaw detection of wet magnetic particle, not be mingled with of be patient of, stomatic, crackle exists. Material is ZG1Cr13 character. 1.

Craft compares those who reach calorific rising head to use my company to be engaged in high-pressured valve cast for years noumenal production, used early or late the following program of 3 kinds of technology undertakes manufacturing a test. (1) uses water glass quartz arenaceous, because quartz is arenaceous,use without very good coating up to now, when so lumen of body of a powerful person is machined, often appear place arenaceous phenomenon, exterior quality is very poor also, flaw detection appears constantly tiny flaw. (2) uses water glass quartz sand mold core, hot item of place of cast valve base is isolated, the method that needs to use coping to lay rising head (if pursue show 2 times) , but because rising head size is larger, keep clear of hard, cast technology makes rate it is 50 % only, arenaceous difficulty of arenaceous core Qing Dynasty, very wasteful. (3) uses Fu « resin arenaceous as model core is used arenaceous, and the craft plan that all adopts heat preservation rising head in upside of edge flange and valve base (if pursue,show 3 times) . Because Fu « colophony is arenaceous heat conduction is slow, the heat preservation effect of heat preservation rising head is not apparent, rising head dimension is consequently opposite bigger, and the core of valve base place is arenaceous the hot action as a result of coping rising head, cause gas evolution bigger, often make this place arises to enrage shrinkage cavity and discard as useless. 2.

The application of calorific rising head is aimed at above circumstance, we use calorific rising head at cast of body of a powerful person of ZG1Cr13 high pressure, model core all uses Fu « resin arenaceous, in in flange and edge flange coping lay calorific dark rising head, and valve base place uses Leng Tieji's cold method, the rear also is used outside Leng Tieji is cold (like the graph 4 are shown) , produced cast of valve of ZG1Cr13 high pressure successfully. Be anatomized through undertaking to cast noumenon and chromatic examination, cast organization is compact. Already produced nearly 000 now, cast technology makes rate amount to 80 % of 78 % ~ , percentage of A-class goods amounts to 96% above. 3.

The cast face that epilogue uses arenaceous production of Fu « colophony is bright and clean, size is exact, but because its heat conduction is slow, if use rising head of common thread heat preservation, effect of its heat preservation is very unidentified show. Organize compact scheme like the requirement such as ZG1Cr13 to tall alloy of 4 bear Die Casting steel, use calorific rising head, heat preservation function is apparent, can reduce the size of rising head significantly, the technology that improves cast makes rate, reduce the workload of working procedure of the gas cutting, line after enraging dig to wait, rising head size is small at the same time, reduced the hot effect to arenaceous core, can reduce the generation odds of gas shrinkage cavity considerably, the percentage of A-class goods of cast rises apparently, economic effect is apparent. CNC Milling CNC Machining