Digitlization reachs implementation in the application of domain of aviation equipment overhaul

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In domain of aviation equipment overhaul, "Digitlization " it is the heat topic that each industry a man of insight is paying close attention to almost. But, everybody has different understanding however to the specific connotation of digitlization, also undertaking the success of degree or failure, whole or local practice are explored differring. Article author hope is engaged in the practice experience that aviation domain informatization works for years through oneself, give out the proposal of feasibility of a few give attention to two or morethings and maneuverability, help enterprise is bred quickly or promotion digitlizes overhaul ability. The necessity that digitlizes overhaul designs kind of software to equip to be used extensively what design a domain in aviation as CAX, the design that new-style aviation equips realizes digitlization basically already, some manufacturer have centralized management and the after service with be offerred better to inchoate product to facilitate, use the blueprint paper of inchoate product current CAX even kind software undertook corresponding digitlization is handled. The new-style aviation equipment that uses digitlization design is continuous consign is used, corresponding overhaul work requirement is more and more pressing also, workload is bigger and bigger also, and the traditional job mode of factory of aviation equipment overhaul is remained be based on papery to design blueprint, more crucial is to design an unit to stem from a variety of considerations to be willing to provide paper blueprint and provide electronic data directly no longer mostly, this mixes the maintenance ability to overhaul factory working mode causes immediate impact. This, the expression that is in the overhaul factory of domestic military airplane, engine is highlighted particularly. New-style plane all used the 3 generation of own research and development and above to digitlize design platform brand-newly, component of etc of plane, engine, airborne equipment all uses CAX kind design software undertakes designing, its all sorts of geometry and performance data all have memory with the form of digitlization, reveal and manage, paper blueprint is in design phase is requisite no longer. To form corresponding overhaul ability quickly, must build the digitlization overhaul platform that suits with plane digitlization design and system. The ultimate goal that the digitlization of overhaul of meaning aviation equipment that digitlizes overhaul builds is the digitlization overhaul platform that builds the digitlization design with the plane, production photograph to suit and system, form digitlization overhaul ability. Specific include 4 following fields. Digitlization of 1 overhaul equipment is digitlized as aviation equipment those who make is design, outspread, also should come true in overhaul process be based on three-dimensional digitlization technology, need those who three-dimensional digitlization designs a tool to prop up. What the digitlization that aviation equips comes true is to be based on the product that different perspective has to decompose not just, and in still should reflecting a product to decompose every decompose all sorts of technology parameter related the element and technical documentation, undertake three-dimensional and stereo digitlization is revealed and assemble, realize true digital prototype. Digital prototype is the precondition that digitlizes overhaul, the metric system that all overhauls work is decided and constituent management undertakes around machine of model of written characters of a move in chess or a movement in wushu. The overhaul business work that 2 overhaul business digitlizes aviation to equip in coordination involves plant of aviation equipment overhaul (the following abbreviation " boat builds a plant " ) , the many hypostatic units such as design unit, production unit and user, boat builds a plant (the factory that contain component) the main body that works as overhaul, be in charge of the execution of specific overhaul job, design unit, production unit is in charge of providing necessary technical support, the user is in charge of providing the relevant technology record of the plane. This shows, boat repairs a factory to must maintain close cooperation with other unit, ability finishs overhaul smoothly work. And should support different unit between in coordination, besides convention cooperate with outside means, return what should build a digitlization to cooperate with platform, build relevant standard system, flow in order to ensure all sorts of pertinent business information are in related each between the unit smooth. The overhaul job that 3 overhaul are versed in the digitlization aviation of calorie of design equips has versatility and specialty at the same time, overhaul is versed in card regards the main technique that overhaul job fulfils as the file, also want to reflect this kind of character likewise. For example: The plane overhaul job of same type may have quite working content of the amount is identical, but between the different plane that same perhaps type, same type leaves the plane that model differs below same type because its are actual compose difference can occur a certain quantity of overhaul job is different. How be the overhaul program with different aviation equipment proper formulate effectively to generate applicable overhaul labour to get stuck (namely the overhaul plan of formulate individuation) it is the problem that overhaul job should be faced from beginning to end and solves. The digitlization that overhaul labour blocks can realize the standardization that overhaul works and standardization not only, still can be the overhaul plan of individuation of aviation equipment formulate effectively. Overhaul of equipment of aviation of digitlization of management of 4 overhaul process regards maintenance as level highest, involve the widest, content the maintenance with the strictest requirement of the most complex, quality works, the value that its process manages is self-evident. Straightforward, the administrative pattern that is based on paper forms for reporting statistics and documentation cannot have been satisfied contemporary (undertake digitlizing designing research and development independently especially) the requirement that aviation equipment overhaul works. Be based on digital prototype, digitlization to cooperate with the direction that the digitlization process government that platform and the maintenance program that digitlize individuation have aviation equipment heavies repair is prospective development and inevitable choice, its can reflect working status and the problem that encounter in real time not only, still can make day-to-day business work manages flow standardization and standardization. The overhaul of content aviation equipment that digitlizes overhaul digitlizes construction is the fundamental project of system of aviation equipment safeguard and main component, it is informatization condition issues each boat to build a plant (the factory that contain component) the fundamental network that interior develops the job and daily office and information platform. Long-term goal tentative plan is in, comply with boat repairs the integral informatization of the factory to develop train of thought, build get used to modern aviation equipment to admit need, cover field of aviation equipment overhaul, freely interconnection be well versed in, apply into the system, intelligence is safe and efficient, confidential, the information of aviation equipment overhaul that provides fundamental information and auxiliary and decision-making support for the enterprise runs a system. Its basically indicate is: Build platform of a network, formulate 3 standards standard, compose proposes 4 application system, build 4 systems that prop up. The 1 network platform that builds compose of platform of a network to build level of system of aviation equipment overhaul to unite, basically press organizational system unit (factory, cent factory) build a local area network, the wide area newwork that relies on an enterprise realizes boat to repair factory and boat to build the network link of minute of factory. Below the case that the condition has, the designs unit, production unit and user network that can equip with aviation undertakes interconnection each other is connected, undertake data is exchanged, form to enclothe aviation equipment thoroughly to heavy repair then the network environment of each business flow. (1) boat builds factory network. Boat repairs deploy of factory network center to build a plant in boat in, can make full use of boat builds the network facility with original plant, the news report that writes minute of factory in order to achieve to have high quality, efficient, on the safe side with user network and each boat undertakes transforming upgrading for main goal. Boat repairs factory network center to be in charge of joining respective boat builds minute of plant. When the design, should the amount that mature current boat builds minute of plant and the amount that future may increase. In the type selecting respect of network equipment the proposal uses port density tall, module carries equipment to build the core of factory network center as boat in look generous, the light that chooses high capacity at the same time transmits what equipment regards wide area newwork as link to receive safeguard. (2) boat builds the network that distinguish a works. Use each boat to build minute of plant original network equipment, undertake in order to obtain the news report that with boat long factory has high quality, efficient, on the safe side transforming upgrading for main goal. The proposal uses 3 level structure of patulous star shape, every administrative levels uses only link to have link, the structure that administrative levels changes devises facilitating way by the collect of consultative deploy and IP address, also facilitate the communication between different network. (3) user network. User network builds the construction limits that does not belong to enterprise of aviation equipment overhaul, if the user already built relevant network platform, can realize what user and boat build a plant to not have seam information is exchanged and share. If do not have a requirement, also can pass what realize information from the means of the line to upload download. 3 standards standard is in 2 formulate respectively the hardware that informatization of aviation equipment overhaul builds, software and business work 3 respects establish a corresponding standard severally standard (each standard standard may include a certain number of specific standards or standard) , use at guidance to reach the following informatization to build the job currently. (1) the network builds standard standard. The technology that standard of network construction standard basically is the technical condition with current foundation and effective demand and future upgrades to ask with what demand for service expands, standard of the performance demand that is aimed at hardware and network terminal unit, technology and configuration standard undertake unity planning, the network that will come in order to suit expands and equipment upgrades. The content that builds standard standard about the network consults please " standard of data switch standard " . (2) data exchanges standard standard. Standard of data switch standard basically shows aviation equipment designs unit and boat to repair factory, user and boat to decorate the level that undertakes data is exchanged between the factory. This standard standard needs to have data project of exchange and its source between clear each unit above all, go further type of the name that refines the specific data element that every data project contains, data, size. Determine the shape that of all kinds data exchanges finally. Will for a long time look, the requirement that extends as the propulsion that builds about unit informatization and business, the content need of standard standard undertakes corresponding adjustment is mixed dynamicly newer. Nextpage (3) overhaul business administers a standard. Job of current business of aviation equipment overhaul has below blame informatization condition as a whole, existing administrative technological process applies to the job below digitlization condition not completely to ask apparently. What the standard of overhaul business government here refers in particular to is digitlization the management that business of overhaul of equipment of the aviation below the condition works is normative. Corresponding business work flow and administrative demand need and corresponding software system is harmonious and uniform, only what the biggest implementation that turn the land digitlizes such ability expect the result. 3 compose build 4 application system to build data of aviation equipment product to supervise system, IETM system, maintenance project management system and system of aviation equipment MRO use a system 4 times. (1) data of aviation equipment product runs a system. Data of aviation equipment product runs a system, also call PDM (Product Data Management) system, use unit builds a plant for boat or boat builds minute of plant, basically be used at receiving aviation equipment to design an unit to offer mix in products plan and the equip with aviation design of the generation in production process make relevant primitive electron data, undertake to the product with the form of 2D or 3D all-around reveal, facilitating boat repairs a factory to undertake the maintenance ability of deepness develops the work. (2) IETM system. IETM system also calls technology of seesaw pattern electron manual, use unit builds a plant for boat or boat builds minute of plant, the primitive electron data related the manual of of all kinds technology that basically is used at receiving industrial department to offer, besides the electronic edition that can obtain technical manual, OK still this is used 2 times when realize technical manual data for the foundation and develop, complete the digitlization work out that primitive overhaul labour blocks and management. (3) maintenance engineering runs a system. Graph 2 boat repair develop of the network that distinguish a works to attack sketch map. Use unit builds a plant for boat, basically use at the data of of all kinds static state related management and aviation equipment overhaul and technical documentation, in addition, the overhaul worker worker that still can use work out individuation gets stuck. (4) system of aviation equipment MRO. Use unit builds a plant for boat or boat builds minute of plant, basically use at be opposite etc of plane, engine, airborne equipment the maintenance of ministry accessory (Maintenance) , repair (Repair) with overhaul (Overhaul) the job undertakes be digitlizinged in the round administrative. In addition, the overhaul job state that still can equip to aviation undertakes total control accuses to mix superintend, analyse to rely on the data that has macroscopical level with this, provide decision-making support. 4 build 4 systems that prop up through establishing standard of safe and confidential, technology, government code is mixed move defend 4 individual departments, the on the safe side that digitlizes overhaul system for aviation equipment moves, unifinication development and normalization construction are offerred strong prop up. (1) safe and confidential. Network construction adopts the technology defends and safe managing to wait for comprehensive measure, compose builds hypostatic and authentic, behavior to be able to accuse, resource thing of canal, incident is checked and can run reliable network safety to defend system. Specific include firewall, inbreak system of testing system, safe audit, virus defends system, illegal outside safety of system of scanning of couplet system, VPN, flaw and integrated network manages platform to wait. (2) technical standard. According to the requirement of oneself of enterprise of aviation equipment overhaul, consult relevant network builds experience, combinative boat repairs systematic network to build the real need of development, comb conformity to make boat repair factory network to build standard and software development standard, the standard such as dictionary of structure of system of organization of technology of key standard network, mode, plant layout, data and news format, standard. Basically include " platform of network of aviation equipment overhaul builds a standard " , " standard of technology of development of software of system of management of business of aviation equipment overhaul " , " safety of platform of network of aviation equipment overhaul is confidential defend plant layout standard " , " standard of plant layout of management of password of platform of network of aviation equipment broadband " , the technical standard that concerns with etc. (3) manage code. Comb existing computer and network government laws and regulations, division of labor of the constituent leader of platform of network of overhaul of normative aviation equipment, duty, use management, be on duty safeguard, safe and confidential, examination is supervised wait for content, form " system of application of platform of network of aviation equipment overhaul uses management to set " , " system of application of platform of network of aviation equipment overhaul is on duty safeguard management to set " , " safety of system of application of platform of network of aviation equipment overhaul is confidential regulation " , " aviation equipment heavies repair network platform uses systematic code equipment uses government. (4) move safeguard. After network system investment is used, need is built move safeguard a system to move to undertake unity active management with business system to the network. Run the characteristic that safeguards a system to pay attention to dimension of carry of analytic network whole, go to the lavatory not only administrator understands carry dimension at any time the moving state of whole network system, and the key application that can confront system of intranet sth resembling a net from applied layer undertakes real time is monitored. Run the requirement that upholds many sided of systematic give attention to two or morethings, on unified platform, of the IT environment that implements pair of different form move, maintenance standardization, undertake general management and analysis to the use effect of client network system. It includes supervisory system and service management system two parts. A.

Supervisory system. Undertake the monitoring of 7 × 24h to IT system, the management that offers analysis of monitoring of monitoring of IT system performance, function analysis, breakdown, breakdown and fixed position, asset and configuration document, powerful forms for reporting statistics analyses a function. Supervisory system differentiates it is 3, it is data collects layer, data processing layer, data to show a layer respectively, by the net canal data of monitoring object (data of performance data, give an alarm, part configures data) the processing that passes 3 levels, unified show to monitoring to mix maintain staff. B.

The service runs a system. The unity that is used at network system maintains administrative job, it basically provides incident government technological process, question government technological process, modificatory government technological process and configuration government technological process. The guiding ideology that digitlizes overhaul ability construction passes construction of application software of natural resources of construction network platform, integrated information, development, perfect form a complete set, form stage by stage suit with new equipment development, into net adult department, function the aviation equipment with complete, efficient intelligence heavies repair integrated informatization runs a system. Should follow following basic principles. Digitlization of overhaul of equipment of 1 unified aviation builds the development that equipment of aviation of base oneself upon heavies repair, face boat to repair factory, each boat to repair the many sided such as minute of factory and each system major. Item executive process needs to abide by unified program, uniform standard, unified army, unified carry out, unified acceptable principle, maintain the stability that builds a course and compasses plasticity. Construction of digitlization of overhaul of equipment of aviation of 2 advance gradually needs to be united in wedlock to be badly in need of currently with long-term development, by level, cent department of measure, adult advances a system to build. Infinite design, finite implementation is used in item process, the guiding ideology that highlights mainly, ensure the system is built be advanced to deepness, range stage by stage and develop. 3 confluence make full use of boat repairs factory, boat to build minute of plant already some equipment and system, and rely on construction of industrial department informatization, integrated and existing informatization builds achievement, the data that strengthens the each unit inside system of aviation equipment overhaul is shirt-sleeve, build the confluence that network application wants and already had network application, what business government and informatization advance is shirt-sleeve. Urgent task of time of construction of digitlization of overhaul of equipment of 4 collateral aviation is heavy, build pace to accelerate digitlization, must run paralell software system development and network construction, at the same time construction of each software system also wants to run paralell, involved data interface standard and business system are built, construction of corresponding overhaul ability and posture of overhaul process administration are collateral. The digitlization overhaul capacity that the last word builds aviation to equip is the inevitable trend of development and main demand, digitlizing the application in domain of aviation equipment overhaul and implementation is project of a system, should according to correct and reasonable method, act on be practical and realistic and specific issue the principle of concrete analysis begins relevant work. CNC Milling CNC Machining