The overall design of planer-type milling machine of movable type numerical control

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The planer-type milling machine of movable type numerical control that article place narrates is the planer-type milling machine that shows dragon doorcase wears fore-and-aft shift. The biggest advantage of movable type planer-type milling machine is: (1) the machine tool covers an area of an area small. Planer-type milling machine of workbench movable type, whole pilot is spent must double at fore-and-aft journey length, and the whole pilot of movable type planer-type milling machine is spent need fore-and-aft journey to increase breadth of dragon mast flank only can. (2) the trends of the machine tool has been answered. What movable type planer-type milling machine uses is fixed workbench, go out with casting of lathe bed whole commonly, the driving moment equivalence that dragon doorcase wears fore-and-aft motion is changeless, won't because of workpiece bear of loading capacity change and change, assured those who machine precision and machine tool to answer function thereby. The planer-type milling machine of movable type numerical control that the author designs independently (graph 1) , already threw manufacturing application as private plane now, can contented large cast, steel boring, mill, auger wait for multitask foreword to machine; Deserve to go up orthogonal milling head, still can undertake machining to 4 flank of workpiece. Because design idea is right, reach a standard of quality of component of form a complete set, each index already all achieved this machine tool numerical control planer-type milling machine is relevant the requirement of national level. The main design parameter of this planer-type milling machine is as follows: Workbench area is 1800mm × 4000mm, x axis journey is 4000mm, y axis journey is 2000mm, z axis journey is 750mm, main shaft power 18.

5kW, each axis is fast feed is 10m/min. One, mechanical part design is overall cent is actuating device of feed of box of mast of lathe bed, dragon, slip, main shaft, 3 axes mechanical part and part of servo of relevant numerical control. Elaborate the key in designing a process as follows now. Lathe bed is the foundation that this second design works, the dimension design of lathe bed is affecting pair of overall designs, and the rationality of the design affects overall stiffness directly. The sectional appearance of lathe bed is Π form (graph 2) . Of lathe bed on plane works namely mesa design has chamfer of 9 T form, for workbench of convenient lathe bed the dig of essence of life of face and # form chamfer is machined, groove is complete be well versed in. Of lathe bed left, right each design has two plant one's foot a long and narrow plane, with will put scroll linear slideway deputy. The author designs slideway range in the two underside of lathe bed, basically be consideration force hand direction and issue of discharge carry on one's shoulder. The gravity of force of the gravity that can be worn because of lathe bed by dragon doorcase, cutting and workpiece, on the foundation that such design can make the gravity of dragon door frame passes into a machine tool directly, and lathe bed gets only the gravity of workpiece. The basic wall of lathe bed is large by the following formula decide first. In type: L, B, H is the length of lathe bed, wide, expensive measure respectively, the unit is M. According to equivalent dimension C, consult relevant form (slightly) , take basic wall thick collect 300mm × 300mm for box of 38mm main shaft sectional design, its are fought twist the ability that defy a turn stronger. Main shaft gear-box uses orgnaization of gearshift of gear of two archives slippage, can get used to demand of thick finish machining. Main shaft unit uses 4 bearing structure, ball bearing of contact of 3 groups of horn is used in front bear cutting force, ball bearing of a deep trench uses main shaft rear discharge carries on his shoulder or back, the influence of the add moment of force that makes main shaft is not produced by slippage gear. What dragon door frame uses is the design concept of integral dragon mast, design crossbeam and right-and-left pillar into an organic whole namely, although make cast and assemble the difficulty when adjusting to increase, but the tigidity of frame of integral dragon door is better, more important is to make the component such as main shaft box, slip had assemble fiducial. The design of slip is to be after the geometrical measure of dragon mast and main shaft box is certain, the center according to main shaft as far as possible the slideway face on beam of press close to is a principle, design place of installation of Z axis drive on slip, reduced the weight of slip effectively. The conception that designs feed actuating device is as follows: The feed actuating device of X axis uses deputy accentuation of bilateral gear rack to press scroll beforehand linear slideway deputy, x axis and Y axis use big diameter to press ball guide screw beforehand deputy add good guide deputy, and slideway slides the part is stuck have a project plastic, creeping phenomenon produces when avoiding low speed, and guide section design has inclined set adjustable device. Such designs make the integral feed function of the machine tool is able to coordinate, the feed speed of each axis and feed force got optimal match. Because the axis of fore-and-aft motion X of the machine tool is shift of dragon door frame, and dragon door frame hefts 10t, so slideway must choose linear scroll slideway. Because of scroll slideway deputy coefficient of friction is small, doorcase of very comfortable closure wears mobile activity stiffness to ask. The slide block of slideway chooses lengthen broaden model, of every slide block move load to be able to achieve 10t. Considering safety factor, every slideway installs 3 slide block. The drive source of dragon door frame is bilateral gear rack deputy (see a picture 3) , feed moves by the axis 2 inputs, conduct campaign the axis through two pairs of helical gear 1 with the axis 3, next by two straight gear 4 and 5 go transmission rack, drive dragon door frame to move thereby. Axis the way of the corkscrewed yarn of on two 2 helical gear is opposite. Be in through bedspring axis 2 on action F of an axial force, the axial that makes helical gear produces drop is mobile, at this moment axis 1 with the axis 3 had turned with opposite way tiny angle, make gear 4 and 5 stick with the two tooth flank of rack respectively close, eliminated gap. The fluctuation of main shaft box is perpendicular athletic Z axis uses deputy transmission of ball guide screw. Because this machine tool is not high speed milling machine, the feed system of Z axis passes transmission comparing to be the parallel axis of 4 to drive ball guide screw to rotate than gear case surely for servo electromotor. The writer is special in the design the safe problem that notes Z axis. Choose the servo electromotor of electrified magnetism brake above all, there is one in jacket of ball guide screw next two-way surmount clutch, prevent ball nut rotation to cause prolapse of mechanical of main shaft box. Of course, to protect the precision of orgnaization of Z axis feed, still go up to balance oil cylinder of two in slip. The or so shift of the box of 85% main shaft that counterbalance Q is equal to quality of component of main shaft box is Y axis, to assure the transmission precision of Y axis, make guide screw gets horizontal axial power only, reason uses means of straight couplet of servo electromotor and ball guide screw. The shaft coupling that the author chooses contains overload protector, when overload shaft coupling is met automatic come away. 2, what system of numerical control of type selecting of numerical control system uses is Xi Menzi 840D, because this system provided the synchronous function of dragon door axis. Use this function, this machine tool can wear feed axis to dragon doorcase (X1, x2) the displacement that realizes inorganic instrument error. Real value of motion can undertake be comparatived continuously, although the smallest error also can get corrective, because this raised the athletic precision of X axis. 3, what epilogue author should explain finally is, the design example that provides according to manufacturer of component of professional machine tool undertakes designing meeting achieving the result of get twice the result with half the effort. In designing a process this, author logarithm accuses rack of unit of system, main shaft, gear-box, gear deputy the experience formula that waits to go up according to example with guide screw slideway reachs, shortened greatly not only design time, make the reliability of the design higher at the same time. Should pay attention to timely applying in designing a machine tool at the same time three-dimensional software, if answer to undertake three-dimensional model is assembled instantly after component draft establish, interfere an examination through undertaking constructional, the collision that prevents a machine tool to appear when assemble interferes phenomenon of do poorly done work over again CNC Milling CNC Machining