The construction that talks about servo machine at running a principle

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Servo machine is the dynamical source of movement of control of remote control model, the servo machine sort that does not want with the place of remote control model of the type also differs subsequently. How to choose economy carefully and the servo machine accord with demand, also be cannot the knowledge of forgot. Servo machine basically is by crust, circuit board, electric machinery, gear and positional detector (potentiometer) be formed. Its job principle is give out question mark to give servo chance by receiver, by circuit board the IC that go up judges rotational direction, again drive electric machinery begins roll, send motive force to move about arm through crossing decelerate gear, remand by positional detector at the same time question mark, whether has judgement reached eye scalar potential. The positional detector of servo machine is alterable resistor actually (potentiometer) , when servo machine is rotational resistance also can be changed subsequently, by means of detects resistance the angle of knowable roll. General servo motor is will fine copper cash is twined be in triode on rotor, can produce magnetic field when electric current sheds longitudinal circle, produce repellent effect with the magnet of rotor periphery, produce rotational active force then. According to physics principle, the moment of inertia of the object and quality become direct ratio, because this wants to turn quality heals big object, requires active force also heals big. Servo machine is beg rotate speed report of fast, bad news is small, then will fine copper cash twines paper-thin hollow cylinder, form the 5 extremely hollow rotor of imponderability of a weight, and magnet buy inside Wu Yuanzhu body, this does not have core motor namely. To fit different working environment, have waterproof the servo machine; that reachs dustproof design and the laden demand that differs because of answering, the gear of servo machine has plastic those who reach a metal is divisional, the servo machine of metallic gear all is commonly big torsional reach high speed, have gear to won't pass because of load big and the advantage of collapse tooth. Ball bearing of more advanced servo scope unit, make can lighter essence accurate when roll. Ball bearing has to reach 2 distinction, it is 2 comparison of course good. CNC Milling CNC Machining