Yi Sa innovation buries arc solder technology to realize productivity to promote 100 %

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So far, with respect to frit apply rate character, solder of odd arc double silk is to provide the only power source of productivity to bury arc solder most from beginning to end (SAW) craft. Solder of odd arc double silk uses join of two welding wire to undertake soldering working to same power source and same polarity. The solder that bury arc (the technology of compositive Leng Si of latest technology ICE of SAW) is the Leng Si that the 3rd insulation places between two heater on same and electric lever, as parallel as its (this technology is in patent application) . Differ with heater, speed of Leng Si sending silk is undertaken controlling alone by the compositive software inside control unit, the energy of have more than needed that Leng Si produces because of two heater electric arc and fused. The technology that this You Yisa develops calls ICE, with only power source photograph of double silk solder compares his frit apply rate can increase 50% , and solder to be able to be amounted to than increasing with monofilament 100% . The craft of the solder that bury arc of additional use Leng Si is not foreword promotion solders the new approach that frit apply leads. Actually, leng Si sends silk to have a variety of technology solutions, their function behaves each different, applied field is not same also. These solutions are mostly in showing Leng Si and heater proper point of view to join working procedure from a side. This kind of method is put in a lot of difficult problem, and craft stability issue is most outstanding. For instance, if do stretchy happening,change or electric arc are stabilized not quite, cold silk melting point can produce change, because this meeting makes,solder any craft change to affecting electric arc are extremely sensitive. In producing an environment, the requirement of solution demand production that adds Leng Si from a side gets effective strict control. Experience makes clear, these solutions do not suit great majority application. Improve craft stability will cold silk is compositive arrive inside same contact clip as parallel as heater, can increase the stability of craft. Because Leng Sirong is nodded,change because of two electric arc from beginning to end, the effect that uses this technology to add Leng Si makes electric arc and bath smooth, craft is stabler, be affected not easily with what work stretchy change by electric arc. The stability that passes improvement makes craft more undertake adjust and accommodative in the light of different connect type easily. This kind of stable welder art bury arc solder than the tradition (SAW) has taller parameter to reach solder speed, gain distinct craft advantage thereby. The welding line appearance that welding torch of Yi Sa ICE maintains stable and mechanical function and use identical solder the photograph of double silk solder of parameter is compared, in Leng Si speed sending silk sends silk rate for heater [below the circumstance of Cwfr]10-100% , when the Leng Si that uses different measure, dark shape of welding line frit won't produce change. Because add parameter of the activity when Leng Si changeless, solder character also won't be changed. This means as double as the tradition silk to bury arc solder photograph to compare, frit is mixed greatly welding line width won't produce change. Of welding line height or Yu Gao increase ensure welding line metal is in inside welding line distributing equably. Of Zhang Jiao increase those who reduced this extent is double heat, and of brilliant granuality decrease improved mechanical performance. Yi Sa ICE 3*2.

5mm 800A 35V 50% Cwfr inputs same situation to fall in heat, the contact machinery property that uses technology of compositive Leng Si to solder and the contact that use a tradition to bury arc solder technology to solder are in same standard. When using craft of compositive Leng Si to revise frit deep figure, mechanical function can get ameliorative. With its he solders technology is same, the element of hot input restricted those who bury arc solder productivity to rise. Mother capable person can susceptive heats up an input from beginning to end demarcate the upper limit of productivity. Below the case that uses technology of compositive Leng Si, if want to increase frit to apply is led or be obtained,this buries the other dominant position of arc solder craft, do not need to change total heat to input a value. This technology uses the energy of have more than needed in craft of the solder that bury arc to fuse more welding wire, raise frit apply rate thereby. When the Leng Si that adds different amount, hot input won't produce change. Because heat up,the computation of the input need not consider what to increase Leng Si's amount in formula. Hot input formula is: Consider to make clear with the experiment in great quantities, leng Si is added to won't change hot input to be worth in craft. Think Leng Si can create welding line before this " cooling " or generation " carbon fin " the viewpoint of effect no longer applicable. After using craft of compositive Leng Si to replace monofilament welding wire, promotion of frit apply rate can be amounted to 100% , be inputted in heat and solder below the situation with same rate, compare frit apply rate to be able to promote with photograph of double silk solder 50% . The rate of apply of the biggest frit that this craft can achieve on only power source is 34 kilograms / hour. In compositive Leng Si the circumstance of craft and paralell connection of power source of two AC/DC inversion falls, can realize 40 kilograms / the frit apply rate of the hour. Express the apply of 1 the biggest frit that configures to differ to lead (yellow) lead with apply of commonly used frit (green) the contrast of limiting value. Rate of apply of commonly used frit can be regarded to be the appropriate interval of this craft. Express 1 data to be based on similar heat to input numerical value to reach. Express 1 frit apply to lead comparative Nextpage to need not increase quantity of heat to be able to promote only power source of frit apply rate compositive Leng Si apply of frit of craft of series connection of craft comparing monofilament gets more. Actually, the welding torch head that replaces series connection configuration with compositive Leng Si can realize frit apply to lead times add. Faster solder the stable effect of technology of compositive Leng Si can be in speed to maintain or decrease while heat is inputted, promotion solders speed. Below tradition application and contact type situation, maintain hot input and craft stability while, solder rate can rise to 1000 millimeter / minute above. Compositive Leng Si is versed in skill will solder quite rate rises to 1700 millimeter / minute. Horny solder, solder larynx dimension 5 millimeter, solder speed 1700 millimeter / minute, frit apply leads 24 kilograms / hour, hot input 1.

19 1000 anxious / millimeter the odd side of 0 millimeter large board solders, solder speed 1400 millimeter / minute, frit apply is led 23.

9 kilograms / hour, hot input 2.

03 1000 anxious / millimeter. The tall productivity that the stable result that the tall frit apply that render solder leads compositive Leng Si still can realize render solder to solders. This craft is in need not keep clear of promotion can lead frit apply to reach 25 kilograms below spot welding or the circumstance that render solder / hour above. When double power source solders, the user can use odd root before the geometrical figure that silk shows frit the circumstance to transform groove root department. The craft of compositive Leng Si from the back will change welding line take shape, change way of caky forward position, implementation controls frit dark shape with brand-new and dynamic means. Solder of render of tall frit apply, 30.

2 kilograms / hour, hot input 3.

2 1000 anxious / millimeter, plate thickness 25 millimeter, hot input 3 1000 anxious / millimeter Nextpage is in plan of double silk of double power source, this craft can be used at application of odd solder path already, the ground floor solder that also can use Yu Hou board. No matter be sex of use Gao Jian or low alkalescent welding flux, the surface on welding line all can be formed have admirable the sunken body of the sex that take off broken bits is slippery the surface. The double silk of double power source of root pass solders: Frit apply leads 25 kilograms / hour. Welding flux: OK 10.

72 because technology of compositive Leng Si promoted solder deliver a child yield,reduce welding flux dosage, less solder path is achievable solder exercise, accordingly welding flux wastage is reduced significantly. Craft stability of improvement reduced welding flux to use up as much, the welding flux that place of welding wire of apply of every kilograms of frit needs is fewer. Photograph of plan of double silk of the plan of double silk of double power source that welding torch head adopts this technique and only power source is compared, below the condition that maintains same level in hot input, welding flux is used up decrease about 20% . The plan of double power source that adopts technique of compositive Leng Si and monofilament solder to be compared, can save welding flux to use up amount to 45% . Soldering when rate rises, welding flux wastage also decreased. Decrement differs according to specific applying somewhat difference. Additional, those who use technology of compositive Leng Si is exceedingly good the sex that take off broken bits and welding flux alkalinity have nothing to do, and obtain the surface on welding line buries arc solder than the tradition flowing much. OK 10.

The range of smooth slip lid of welding line of FLAT CAP CONTROL of control of face of smooth slip lid of Nextpage of surface of 72 slaggy welding line is not new. However, use craft of compositive Leng Si to obtain face of smooth slip lid to solder than using a convention craft is gotten easily much. Leng Si is not mobile parameter, because this is soldering,technology energy need not be changed to be able to undertake adjustment in the process, contented solder the effective limits requirement of procedure. Below conventional case, if the solderer is in mother capable person lower part has stuff, need to add line of an additional solder so. Because path of this one additional solder is put in fill exceeding risk, and cannot satisfy the requirement that cover a range, because this is likely,need undertakes burnish. The solderer may solder because of this rein in speed, this will bring about hot input to become tall and affect mechanical performance. When using technology of compositive Leng Si, soldering while simple to cold silk amount fine tuning can gain face of smooth slip lid. Flowing lid side is controlled, 0.

5 millimeter, strengthen height to reduce hot input, reduce the frit apply rate that is out of shape craft of compositive Leng Si is obtained to promote recombine its stable effect, the implementation below the circumstance that can solder under double silk or monofilament in hot input is quicker solder speed. When set of craft of compositive Leng Si is same productivity standard, hot input will decrease. Leng Si achieved identical productivity level next adoption inferior solder the productivity of parameter. Of hot input reduce decreased to be out of shape, soldering thin plate and high thermal output are sensitive model when mother capable person, this advantage is highlighted especially. Thermal output solders inferiorly have more advantage. Soldering need awaits workpiece refrigeration to come between solder path when the object of the temperature between proper layer, as a result of thermal output reduce, cooling time shortens greatly, eliminate completely even. Use DCEP 3*2 of dc of 4mm of double power source, the 40 millimeter S355NL that AC of 5mm compositive Leng Si solders; Hot input 3.

3 1000 anxious / millimeter saves specific power consumption technology of compositive Leng Si uses the usable quantity of heat in craft of the solder that bury arc fused and more welding wire. This means to same exercise word, with use traditional method photograph to be mixed than reducing the sources of energy to use up energy cost. Compare with photograph of double silk solder, the sources of energy of craft of compositive Leng Si is used up and cost is reduced can amount to 33% . Solder to be compared with monofilament, in plan of double power source (AC of odd DC+ compositive Leng Si) in use technology of compositive Leng Si to be able to realize specific power consumption to reduce 50% . The welding wire that place of technology of compositive Leng Si uses standard welding wire and welding flux and welding flux all reach the groovy product that application uses for each industry. Technology of compositive Leng Si does not have special or specific requirement to welding wire and welding flux combination. The plan of double power source that distinct integrated benefit will adopt compositive Leng Si (4 millimeter monofilament + compositive Leng Si) with double the plan photograph of 4 millimeter welding wire is compared, integrated benefit clearly: Rate of · frit apply increases apply of average frit of 150% · to lead 30 kilograms / hour · solders speed 1000 millimeter / minute · welding flux is used up reduce can amount to specific power consumption of 20% above · to reduce 50% · to cover face height every reduce 1 millimeter, the stable effect that place bad news reduces craft of 7% compositive Leng Si with welding wire promoted mechanical function the demand taller narrow the productivity that contact solders. Below the case that uses technology of compositive Leng Si, can come true to solder with tall productivity groove angle is small those who go to 8 degrees is narrow contact welding line, and frit apply is led can amount to 30 kilograms / hour, maintain hot input at the same time under 3 1000 anxious / millimeter, and contented - requirement of low temperature of 60 ° C. Nowadays a lot of narrow contact all uses monofilament or double silk solders means. Compare with photograph of 4 millimeter monofilament, the series connection plan that adopts compositive Leng Si (4 millimeter monofilament + ICE) , soldering angle of 22 degrees of S355G8+M plank, groove, hot input is restricted to be worth 3.

5 1000 anxious / below the circumstance of millimeter, craft of compositive Leng Si improved productivity significantly when fill solder: Rate of · frit apply increases apply of frit of 250% · to lead 28 kilograms / hour · solders speed 850 millimeter / minute wastage of · welding flux reduces specific power consumption of 45% · to reduce technologies of 10% compositive Leng Si is the technology of the solder that bury arc that provides productivity most solution, this technology comes from single partner, of your technology introduce more convenient, and have the other solderer that bury arc art cannot the dominant position that look forward to reachs. The link depends on excellent performance and the tremendous promotion to manufacturing efficiency, yi Sa ICE (compositive Leng Si) during 2014 French Paris industry is exhibited, craft has the honor to win productivity kind " innovation award " special honour. This award the winner to every category undertakes the technologist group that forms by delegate of manufacturer, society and reporter choose and go out. Yi Sa shows itself from inside 106 participator, make one of 4 nomination brands of productivity category. "Innovation award " established 2002, aim to commend to use innovation concept to change an industry with conduct propaganda, make its have the company of competition ability, productivity and high quality more. The plan that postpones what reveal on the meeting to have innovation sex most is mixed in environment, technology, productivity 4 crucial categories all get human body engineering approbate. Author: Hannes Raudsepp, master of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, international solders engineer (IWE) , it is the whole world is the greatest that reinforce of solder of SAW/FSW of automation of Yi Sa whole world uses firm of manager Yi Sa solder to reach what material makes to get with cut equipment army one of enterprises. Solder longly to arrive with cut craft from the history the revolutionary technology of mechanization cut and automation, the user that Yi Sa devotes oneself to to be global each district is offerred include to solder material, solder the solution of equipment and fittings. Be about to know more news, visit Www please.


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