The pace enters electric machinery the advantages and disadvantages of method of 5 kinds of drive labor

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The development of driver technology, from original abroad one branch alone beautiful to home all sorts of outstanding technology emerge in large numbers, can see the progress of domestic technology, also can see at the same time, the innovation of every time technology can bring a few market revolution that go leading the market with high-end technology. 1.

Drive of odd voltage of constant voltage drive is to show in electric machinery winding works in the process, be opposite with voltage of a direction only winding power supply, many winding offer voltage alternately. This means is a kind of older drive way, basic now need not. Advantage: Circuit is simple, component little, control is simple also, implementation rises simpler defect: Must offer enough the dynatron of big electric current will undertake switch is handled, the pace is compared into speed of electric machinery movement low, electric machinery shakes bigger, calorific big. Because had been used no longer, do not describe more so. 2.

Because above of existence of constant voltage drive is a lot of,on any account controls drive defect, further progress of the technology, research and development gives new high low-pressure drive to improve the partial defect of constant voltage drive, the principle of high low-pressure drive is, high pressure is used to control when electric accident moves synchronization, arrive in motion half pace when use low pressure is controlled, when stopping, also be to use low pressure to control. Advantage: Tall low-pressure control was improved on a bit degree shake and noise, put forward fractionize to control a pace to take the idea of electric machinery for the first time, also raised the working pattern of halve of the electric current when stopping at the same time. Defect: Circuit is opposite constant voltage drive is complex, high frequency to dynatron characteristic demand rises, electric machinery low speed still shakes bigger, calorific bigger still, basically do not use pattern of this kind of drive now. 3.

The working principle of drive of wave of behead of electric current of constant of type of self-excitation of drive of wave of behead of electric current of self-excitation type constant is when passing hardware design to achieve a certain set to be worth when electric current, its through hardware electric current is shut, turn next for another winding electrify, the electric current of another winding electrify arrives a certain fixed electric current when, can pass hardware to shut its again, relapse so, advance a pace to run into electric machinery. Advantage: Noise is reduced greatly, rotate speed rose on certain level, property is more certain than having before two kinds rise. Defect: Taller to circuit design requirement, taller to requirement of circuit interference rejection, cause easily high frequency, burned-out drive component, taller to component performance demand. 4.

Electric current compares behead wave drive (the technology that basically uses on the market at present) electric current compares behead wave drive is a pace be worth translate into into electric current of electric machinery winding constant proportional tension, set a value to undertake comparative beforehand with what D/A converter outputs, control the switch that power provides quite as a result, achieve the goal that controls winding phase current thereby. Advantage: Make motion controls the characteristic of imitate sine wave, improve performance greatly, athletic speed and noise are less, can use taller fractionize, it is the control method of current popularity. Defect: Circuit is more complex, to circuit medium interference is controlled hard and be identical of academic demand bearing, easy generation shakes, the wave crest of sine wave and trough are formed in control, bring about high frequency interference easily, bring about drive then component gives out heat or because frequency is exorbitant and ageing, this also is a lot of driver when using 1 year many appear easily the main reason that red light protects. 5.

Go into type drive this is a kind of brand-new athletic control technology, this technology is to be below the premise that current electric current compares skill of behead wave drive, a kind of when overcome among them weakness and innovate brand-new drive method. Its core technology is drive increased below the premise that compares behead wave drive in electric current component gives out heat and high frequency restrain protective technology. Advantage: Outside holding electric current concurrently to compare the advantage of behead wave drive, calorific and special small, service life is longer. Defect: Brand-new technology, the price is higher, at present every kinds of pace matchs a requirement to be compared relatively into electric machinery and driver strict. CNC Milling CNC Machining