Electromagnetism trends model changes the image of layer analyse number that extruder manages to change research

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The summary is based on the extruder put in order that model of trends of new-style polymer electromagnetism dissolves, what image changes the number of computer layer analyse that raised unifinication of physics of atom of a kind of collect, optical, Electromechanical is new method, introduced the principle of this law and characteristic.

Keyword electromagnetism trends shapes; Image of computer layer analyse; In handling   , digital image pursues TQ 320 of date of grouping of data.

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, focusing On A New Topic Of Mechanism Of Electromagnetic Dynamic Plasticating Extrusion Of The Polymers of   of Guangzhou   510640)Abstract, this Paper Develops A Novel Method Of Computed Digital Tomography, which Synthetically Uses The Knowledge Of Nucleus, optics, mechanics And Electronics.

The Mechanism And Advantages Of This Method Are Also Discussed.

Electromagnetic Dynamic Forming of Key Words   ; Computed Tomography Image; ? The polymer that   of Digital Image Processing regards the world as data of 4 big industry (be like plastic) , its bulk crop already was close to the bulk crop of steel at present, among them model is changed crowded going out is one of main measures that polymer shapes.

Because cram a course it is polymer gets the speed field, course that cuts the integrated action such as field of rate field, stress, pressure, temperature and viscosity field, it can express to be E=f(v, , τ , p, t,   of η A)   (in 1) type, v is speed field, to cut rate field, τ is stress field, p is pressure field, t is temperature field, η A is viscosity field.

Because each all are,shape dimensional field (X, y, the function of Z) , accordingly, shape the structural configuration of the polymer stock in the process and stream the variation that becomes characteristic is quite complex.

From this century first since, although a lot of scholars are like each country,manage undertook the Darmell, Mol, Broyer, Tadmor, Chung, Tedder, Maddock, Edmonder And Fenner traditional forming machine to polymer study deep, put forward solid to carry respectively, melt and fuse-element are carried, agglutinant cut and mix the theory such as refine, but in the absense of logical experimental step, make they announce in the round hard piece shape the rule that the manufacturing efficiency of behavior of the polymer data flow in the process, deformation and goods function, processing and energy use up, make shape squeeze a technology to still lie specific power consumption is big, make this tall, noise wait greatly low-level on.

1988, jin Ping of our country Qu teachs creativity ground to apply energy to change a principle [1] , put forward electromagnetism trends model to change first squeeze a shaping new method, squeeze this a process described as   (the assorted number of the geometrical parameter that the α in 2) type, β , γ is extruding system, η is by the average apparent viscosity of treatment material, q changes extrusion output for model, Δ P is carried to squeeze a systematic fuse-element paragraph pressure falls, f1 and Q are frequency of stator power source and winding progression respectively, m1 is number of stator winding photograph, u1 is the phase voltage of winding, s is differred to turn rate, the resistor that Ri(s) and Xi(s) are winding respectively and reactance (I=1 ~ 2) , σ is correction coefficient.

By type (2) can see, direct electromagnetism is changed can, the 3 big striking features that Electromechanical magnetism unifinication and polymer trends shape is this method.

In the meantime, model changes the electromagnetism trends that by this law place development goes press a facility (1) seeing a picture from go up at all changed traditional polymer to shape the working principle of equipment, change can means and configuration, have bulk weight to reduce about 70 % , production cost to reduce specific power consumption of 50 % left and right sides, job to reduce 40% ~ 50 % , crowded give temperature low, wide to stock adaptability, shape Xiaohe of tall, noise does not have product quality oil.

However, electromagnetism trends shapes process and traditional polymer shape the process is same, it is to lie cannot inspect close inside the space, and as a result of electromagnetism vibration field introduce and bring make transformation field of force and the action that cut field of force to wait, make shape the process becomes more complex.

TadmorZ of scholar of Israel of no less than points out in that way [2] : Polymer electromagnetism trends shapes of the process " elaborate physical mechanism especially melt mechanism, below the situation that studies without certain experiment, according to fundamental be very show not easily, forecast and simulative " .

Graph model of 1 electromagnetism trends changes extruder Fig.

  of 1   Electromagnetic Dynamic Plasticating Extruder is current, the experiment that manages to polymer forming machine on the world studies, existing the main method such as experiment of static observation, imitate and the dynamic observation that are a feature with visible technology.

Among them the static state observes the law is medium suddenly Leng Ding gives law and way of analyse extension canister, those who use is the screw in working through balk and cooling abruptly, carry a screw or analyse extension canister on the head next (1) seeing a picture, extract the uses with static generation research technique of experimental sample.

Because shape,the complexity of the process is changed with what machine craft parameter, make what take sample not only hard the change of configuration of structure of real report polymer, and still exist to discern hard the false information with eliminate.

And the visible technology that develops quickly in recent years, be use vitreous machine tube or install on machine canister " glazing " configuration will form can inspect area, resemble through photographing or the method of information of 2 dimension optics that videocorder records face of shape of the stock inside this area to change will get experimental sample book.

Because squeeze the polymer fuse-element in giving a course,flow is by the three-dimensional flow of daggle, pressure and circumfluent composition (2) seeing a picture, so this kind can reflect stock only local the experimental sample of information of configuration of the surface outside mixing and method, reflect pattern of structure of polymer stock interior hard, cannot obtain its three-dimensional field information more.

Still exist at the same time by research device and shape actually the difference place of device material, structure brings shape conditional change, destroy even shape the problem such as the process, accordingly, apply mechanically shows some experimental research technique, announce impossibly a polymer structure behavior in including a tradition to squeeze the electromagnetism trends that goes out inside to cram a course and performance change rule.

This research shapes with new-style electromagnetism trends the process is main research target, put forward a kind of dynamic to electromagnetism model to dissolve the polymer in cramming a course structure, function and shape equipment and parameter of its treatment craft, undertake image of number of analyse of real time layer changes the new method of research.

Graph 2 polymer fuse-element squeezes the three-dimensional flow Fig in going out in screw.

Model of trends of electromagnetism of polymer of 2   3-D Flow Of Polymers Melts In Screw Extrusion1 is changed squeeze an image of number of process layer analyse to change principle polymer to shape image of number of process layer analyse is changed is the thunder in the lambert theorem in be based on an atomic physics and maths when theorem [3] the nucleus of a kind of collect that development rises, machine, .

Its basic system can be comprised by energy source, detector and scanning system, if pursue,3 are shown.

Its job principle is: The photon that arises with energy source flows (X ray, γ ray) illuminate is changed by electromagnetism trends model squeeze a process E ′ to shape mediumly the different material such as equipment and polymer stock comprises shape of the space a series of sectional, squeeze a process E ′ to be able to express to be E ′ =f(v right now, , τ , p, t, η A, e, t)     (in 3) type, e changes to hand in electromagnetism field, t is time field, the others quantity is the same as type (1) .

Pass through in cramming a course when photon shape when the space, according to the atomic physics knowable, because submit report medium-sized, it will turn in the impartiality in electromagnetism field the ground and polymer element, atomic interaction, produce effect of photoemission, Compton and electron to wait to effect.

Photon energy is absorbed from this and abate, give the kinetic energy of photon of ejaculation photoelectron, scattering and electron, can reach according to photons theory   (in 4) type, the kinetic energy of photon of the photoelectron that TO, TC, TE shoots to go out respectively, scattering and electron, h overcomes constant for Pu Lang, ν the 0 incident frequency that are photon, ee is binding energy of the orbital electron in atom, α =h ν 0/(m0c2) , c is velocity of light, φ is scattering line and incident space included angle, m0 is electronic static quality.

Graph model of trends of 3 polymer electromagnetism changes image of number of crowded analyse giving a layer to change principle Fig.

Because   of 3   Theprinciple Of Computed Digitaltomography In Electromagnetic Dynamicplasticating Extrusion Of Polymers pushs the polymer stock in giving a course, below the integrated action in the field such as force, hot, smooth, report and magnetism, the change of appearance, structure and property produces in macroscopical admiral, make thereby the catenary on high polymer structure paragraph and even between the element collect configuration happening change, cause effect of the adhesion between the element, entropy and viscoelasticity to produce a change.

When its and photon shed interaction, by type (3) is knowable, will make the energy of photon of photoelectron, scattering and electron produce change, its change degree can be described on the whole by lambert theorem, flow when the photon of certain energy namely when crossing any material, its energy is abate as a result of atomic interaction, the geometrical body of abate degree and material and composition are concerned.

Its rule can express with next type [3] : I=I0e- μ (X, y)L     (in 5) type, I is the energy intensity that the photon that crosses material sheds, i0 is the energy intensity that the photon that did not cross material sheds, μ (X, the absorption that Y) is material coefficient, l passes through for photon shedding shape the method that dimensional place passes (- ) of ∞ of ≤ of ∞ ≤ L, (X, y) is shape in the space a certain sectional the dot that go up fastens ∑ O in fixed coordinate - the coordinate value in XYZ.

To get whole and sectional information, resemble a principle according to becoming, scanning system should shape relatively empty intercrop moves relatively (3) seeing a picture, the O of scanning system ∑ that forms by energy source and detector place namely - St is circling Z axis, with D θ / Dt speed scanning shapes space.

Cross when photon shedding shape the energy intensity after the space (or ray intensity) when be I, criterion type (5) can express to be   (in 6) type, (S, t) is shape in the space a certain sectional the dot that go up is scanning systematic ∑ O - the coordinate value on St, θ circles fixed coordinate for scanning system is ∑ O - the angle that XYZ place has turned.

To type (6) undertakes handling can getting   (θ of 7) your P (T)=ln [I0/I(θ , t) ]     (8) criterion type (7) can be written into P θ (μ of T)= ∫ L (S, t)ds     (9)   is right P θ (T) undertakes Fourier commutation gets   (10)   changes a relationship according to coordinate (  of   of 3) seeing a picture (11) general type (11) generation enters type (10) can get   (θ of Cos of ω of the U= in 12) type; θ of V= ω Sin.

(13)   because this, through measuring θ of different point of view 1, θ 2, ... , penetrate when θ N shape dimensional photon sheds θ of energy intensity I(, t) , according to type (8) but the P θ of cipher out correspondence (T) , undertake to its Fourier alternates again, attainable corresponding angle locally F(u, v) value.

Tend when N when infinity, namely many more boundless umbriferous when, can obtain (U, all F(u on V) plane, the value of V) ; Should be opposite type (when 12) undertakes inversion is changed, can you get shaping is dimensional either sectional go up to burn material arbitrarily absorb coefficient: ? ?14) because this, corporeal absorption coefficient μ (X, y) can shed energy from element, atomic motion and photon not only deliver wait for a respect, the structure that nondestructive, real time, mensurable report pushs stock of the polymer in giving a course and property change, and the bit more sectional geometry spatial information that also can carry from its (X, y) report gives polymer stock the appearance change in cramming a course and agglutinant flow condition.

In the meantime, undertake to its computer image processing and three-dimensional image rebuild, can emersion stock is pushing the when three-dimensional flow change of structure of in-house field physics in giving model to change a course.

Identify through be being mixed to the analysis of image of layer analyse number, machine fundamental according to polymer, build shape the mathematical model of interact of the changeful quantity in the process, multi-parameter, can announce give electromagnetism trends to shape the polymer in the process collects voice metabolic rule and shape the influence of parameter of technology of equipment, processing to stock degree, build complete polymer electromagnetism trends to squeeze then piece shape academic.

Model of trends of electromagnetism of polymer of 2 last words changes the image of layer analyse number that extruder manages to change new method, the static imitate polymer that overcame a tradition not only shapes the theory that the research technique place of the process causes and do not accord with actually, lose the defect of direct import to actual production, and broke through visible technology to be able to be only inside local district, qualitative description shapes configuration of the surface outside the polymer stock in the process, and what cannot obtain polymer is three-dimensional shed an internal composition feature, make consider to stay in local, outside face, blame authenticity, destroy even shape the limitation on the level of the process.

Use this kind of method, can shape to study new-style polymer electromagnetism is dynamic mechanism provides rational experimental basis.

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