About end face of engine cylinder body and crock Kong Jingjia is versed in of orientation way discuss

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In recent years, as the ceaseless development of our country auto industry, car line of business already made the pillar industry of national economy. While each automobile factory is improving quality, performance ceaselessly, the treatment craft of crucial to engine part also is undertaking exploration ceaselessly, with assuring engine high-powered. Graph one of crucial parts that the technology of end face of 1 cylinder body and crock aperture asks cylinder body is engine, to the treatment of cylinder body each national capital used a lot of special technique to assure to machine precision, its crucial treatment position has: Crankshaft aperture, crock aperture, end face, stop the mouth. Current, the product blueprint of domestic and international cylinder body is like next technologies to ask to end face and crock aperture (1) seeing a picture: The verticality of common to crankshaft aperture spool thread is in crock aperture of crock aperture go up to not be more than D(endlong general <0.

The parallelism of common to crankshaft aperture spool thread is in 03) , end face to go up to not be more than D(endlong general <0.

The precision index such as 04) . These precision index will affect the performance of engine directly, accordingly, the research that machines a method to cylinder body end face and crock aperture is the important step that improves engine quality. Before the treatment of cylinder body uses one side mostly 2 sell fixed position, two when use cylinder body underside and bottom plane to go up namely or 4 fixed position are sold (thick, finish machining is apart) as fixed position fiducial, of the cylinder body that finish all working procedure of thick, finish machining, method of this kind of location assured theoretic located at 6 o'clock principle (planar at 3 o'clock, cylinder is sold at 2 o'clock, lozenge sells a bit) . But in machining a process actually, because the machining error of cylinder body underside reachs the machining error of backing plate, make workpiece by dot of its underside fixed position already was more than after clamp at 3 o'clock, when rough machining, semifinishing machining, if locate the error is inside treatment precision limits, this kind exceeds orientation way allow; But, when finish machining way of this kind of orientation assures end face, crock hard aperture of Kong Yuqu axis is communal the relevant precision requirement of axes. Additional, the fixed position error that repeats generation of fixed position place when finish machining for many times also assures the treatment precision of cylinder body hard. Abroad is useful also at the same time the 2 modular machine tool that sell orientation way to assure to have relevant precision with crankshaft, be like south 2 hair factory is steam machine tool of mill of essence of end face of engine cylinder body used the Suofeimu that IVECO car configures way of this kind of orientation, the arrangement of mill of essence of life that it is the finish machining crankshaft aperture and end face is on same table machine tool, the parallel that assured crankshaft aperture and cylinder body end face reliably so (2) seeing a picture, but, the structure of this machine tool compares complex, cost tall. Accordingly, when cylinder body finish machining, use why to plant orientation way will be to make sure aperture of crankshaft of Kongyu of end face, crock is communal axes is relevant the main factor of precision. Manufactory of domestic and international engine and factory of special machine tool are seeking new orientation way ceaselessly, if underside is used when half essence, finish machining identical at 3 o'clock (the area is lesser) the error that deserves to nod auxiliary bearing to decrease to arise because of workpiece is out of shape and repeating fixed position place for many times with how again (3) seeing a picture. Another is planted at present wide for what use be the cylinder body of crankshaft Kong Wei after using precision work advocate fixed position is standard the treatment precision that will assure to need, way of this kind of orientation eliminated underside flatness and the fixed position error that repeat fixed position place to arise for many times, made sure the precision related aperture of end face, crock and crankshaft aperture asks effectively. Ⅰ , on material labor Ⅱ , crankshaft aperture, stop elect face and other Kong Jingjia labour is versed in a Ⅲ , bitmap of milling machine operator of end face energy vertical view of 2 machine tools pursues way of a kind of 3 orientation is in with crankshaft Kong Wei basically locates in fiducial clamping apparatus, the discretion of precision of crankshaft aperture treatment is to make sure crankshaft aperture and aperture of end face, crock are relevant the precondition of precision, the coaxial with Kong Yingbao higher certificate spends crankshaft and bore diameter precision (not under IT7) , it is crankshaft aperture locates sold configuration also is the main factor that makes sure cylinder body machines precision next. Have at present can go up core axis and fixed core axis two kinds of configuration, can go up the use beard of core axis satisfies the following requirement: (1) can go up when working status cover outside round radial is jumpy should be less than 0.

01; (2) can go up the change that covers a diameter should make sure even ground eliminates the between gap with aperture of core axis, crankshaft; (3) can go up covered material should have higher fatigue intensity and life. Fixed core axis is outside life of the high accuracy that assures oneself, longevity, also rise greatly to the requirement of crankshaft aperture precision, outside be being spent except the coaxial with high demand, bore diameter precision do not answer under IT6. Graph 4 locate to can go up the configuration of core axis (one) , go up cover the 2 methods that with core axis D of 1 edge diameter and D use vacuum electron beam to solder together (arrowhead K points to place) , its job principle is as follows: After two core axis inserts crankshaft aperture, special bearing comes to have the aid of allow plane of cylinder body bottom surely, pass core axis next the 1 aperture A that go up connects pressure oil go up set inside, eliminate a 2 gap with crankshaft aperture, after making cylinder body appreciably is raised, locating truly. Graph 5 to can go up core axis configuration (2) , filler 2 have but extensibility, corrosion resistance, with preventing cooling fluid is mixed cut bits to enter go up set 3 inside, d>d of the diameter before this structure works, cover with avoiding to go up 3 wear away when inserting crankshaft aperture. Its working principle is: In can go up before core axis inserts crankshaft aperture, the cooling fluid that essence of life filters or compress A of air classics aperture ejective crankshaft Kong Chong is clean, next two core axis inserts crankshaft aperture inside, refinance aids special fixed position base brigadier cylinder body is placed, right now below the 1 action in P of oil cylinder force, make go up cover 3 jobs to eliminate with the 4 clearance with crankshaft aperture, make cylinder body appreciably is raised, go up right now cover the diameter of 3 to be more than D. Finally again complementary with bearing of underside much dot. Graph a kind of 6 forms that are fixed core axis, its working principle is: By workpiece shift or fixed core axis move to insert core axis crankshaft aperture inside, next have the aid of is special orgnaization of fixed position bearing raises cylinder body appreciably, make next generatrix of crankshaft aperture and fixed position are sold go up bus joint, workpiece is able to locate correctly. Graph 4 can go up axis of fixed position core configuration (one) graph 5 can go up axis of fixed position core configuration (2) the graph is narrated on put together of axis of 6 fixed core, the orientation way of finish machining of aperture of cylinder body end face, crock is very much, but what the means that gives priority to fixed position with crankshaft aperture uses at present is more, so we should analyse the precision requirement of product blueprint adequately when designing this kind of machine tool, assure the treatment precision of cylinder body in order to decide logical orientation way and structure come, ensure the high quality of engine, high-powered. CNC Milling CNC Machining