The preparative measure before numerical control machine tool is debugged

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Numerical control machine tool switchs on the mobile phone, debug should undertake by following measure: One, before machine tool of the preparation before debugging is debugged, answer to adjust position of level of machine tool lathe bed above all, coarse adjustment machine tool is main geometrical precision, the relative position of the main movement part that readjust assembles afresh and lead plane, what change knife position like library of manipulator, knife and lead plane is corrective wait. Later, according to machine tool manual the requirement adds juice of oil of outfit lube, hydraulic pressure, cutting, source of the coherent outside putting through. 2, test-drive of electrify of machine tool of test-drive of machine tool electrify uses each component to part commonly after electrify experiments, make test of overall power supply again, check a machine tool according to machine tool manual main part function is all ready, make each component can operate the machine tool motion. 3, of machine tool precision and function debug   1, use nicety gradienter detect tool, basically move a machine tool through adjusting the means fine that pays iron advocate the level of lathe bed, make precision of machine tool geometry is achieved permit tolerancepublic errand range; 2, to trading knife unit automatically, adjust parameter of position of good knife library, manipulator, journey to wait, reoccupy instruction undertakes the movement is checked, the requirement is accurate without by accident; 3, the machine tool of automatic to containing APC pallet changer, after adjusting very relative position, undertake bearing the weight of be commutatived automatically; 4, the machine tool is adjusted after ending, whether do system of microscope numerical control and value of set of the parameter in can making up Cheng controller accord with the data that provides in random index, experiment to basically operate function, safety precaution each next, commonly used instruction carries out a circumstance to wait. 5, the regular job that checks a machine tool to assist function and accessory CNC Milling CNC Machining