5 axes precision

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Because have a lot of advantages, 5 axes treatment closes in a series of treatment field more and more commonly used. But, give the precision that place of nice spare parts needs for treatment, must know circumgyrate reference axis is opposite at the machine tool the exact position of other reference axis. Determine the commonly used method of 5 axes deviation needs to undertake be metricaled in great quantities operating. Company of IBS accurate engineering developed a kind of new measurement system, r detects. IBS says: This system can determine accurately the position of rotor, measure a head to combine an accurate ball to undertake metrical together with. The purpose that R detects is to measure the place of the rotor in machine tool X, Y and Z coordinate department. Measure gotten error to be able to reflect the position error of rotor directly. Because measure gotten numerical value to show,machine tool coordinate is medium now, compensate these position error very easily so. R detects in measuring result job principle to detect in R through the compound motion trends of A axis and C axis, measure a head or MT examination measures a head to secure go up in machine tool main shaft or blame circumgyrate place, belt the main shaft place that measures a head is detecting won't rotate in the process. Measure are there 3 on the head with? Of 2mm advocate the plane that the ball contacts, and advocate the ball is in with respect to installation add hold a revolving stage on machine tool trunnion. In athletic process, by measure 3 nicety inside the head to measure systematic monitoring the displacement of component of 3 corresponding contacts. Can be in through this kind of means X, Y and precision of class of micron of Z Xiang Yiya determine the center coordinate of the ball. It is OK that R detects when be being used at moving in revolving stage or trunnion only or the deviation that reference axis determines when both moves at the same time. Move as revolving stage and trunnion, measure a head to be able to be measured piece advocate the real position of ball center. The reading that measures a head shows the computer of a notebook by the machine tool to go up. Detect through R, can undertake complete three-dimensional measure. Measure through -- the time that needs normally is less than dichotomy bell, the position can determine in two direction, like deciding in two direction as the parallelism of rotor. Measuring revolving stage centre of turning circle to choose commonly used method of the position is to use dial gauge. Through measuring aperture of revolving stage center, its position can be measured through making a list. But, this kind of method can produce a problem: The existence of central aperture makes measure forever very cannot accurate. In addition, this method is measured on one dimension only, measure in other way must repeat undertake, can spend a lot of time. Also can adopt a kind of standard with adjustable bat measure a program to determine central position. This process can provide the place of revolving stage, but as dial gauge law same, also be a kind of one dimension is measured, because this need undertakes for many times,measure ability to be able to determine the position of many reference axis. R detects faster than commonly used method more accurate, and can undertake complete analysis, error parameter is offerred to operator in department of machine tool coordinate. Won't make mistake commonly, can undertake compensating directly in controller because of determining deviation. Some error mensuration are very complex to trunnion revolving stage. Almost impossible implementation is measured with dial gauge on trunnion revolving stage favorable result, because this often does a work first, measure in 3 coordinate next undertake metrical on machine. This process is very time-consuming, the explanation that measures an outcome is very complex also, not intuitionistic. In addition, r detects still can use at optimizing controller setting. This can undertake to linear reference axis, but the combination to rotor, it is the task with a to controller very difficult character however, tilt in heavy work especially when. The utility R of the test detects have two big main use: The method that determines reference axis position error as a kind perhaps undertakes detecting when checking and accept a machine tool. Machine tool manufacturer can use this to detect will decide revolving center and rotor and machine tool are other the parallelism of reference axis. Center position error can undertake simply in machine tool controller compensating; Parallelism deviation is more complex however. It is OK that this kind looks for correct errors to differ get compensating in an additional rotor, it is normally adjust through undertaking to revolving stage the hand is moved the compensation that finish. Of reference axis position error it is very important also to machine tool user to determine, because such error can be passed,be compensated and / or adjust and reduce, raise machine tool precision thereby. Using at checking and accept completely to detect is the 2nd big main utility of R testing system: When advocate the ball is put in workbench a certain prejudicial position and the machine tool is moved by process designing set when all reference axis, measures outcome can record a machine tool all error parameter, include geometrical error (the position that is like linear reference axis) , search to spending error and trends and controller error with Founder (like forward or retrorse error) etc. CNC Milling CNC Machining