IP<sub>6</sub> metal corrosion inhibiter reachs cutting fluid

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Wait for rapid development of direction to high speed, puissant, nicety as machining course of study, raised taller and taller requirement to metallic cutting fluid. Especially 20 centuries since 80 time, as a result of the farther aggrandizement of consciousness of environment of people opposite state, raised environmental protection requirement again to metallic cutting fluid. Fluid of cutting of water radical synthesis has exceedingly good refrigeration, clean action and good environmental target, will replace cutting oil and emulsion gradually, hold the dominant position of cutting fluid. However, content of moisture content of juice of water radical cutting is high, when using easy those who cause treatment facilities and work is rustily, because how this chooses additive of efficient delay corrode,appear particularly important. Corrosion inhibiter of metal of many in the past use water-solubility is basically inferior nitric acid, because should taste pair of people to have serious harm effect, now progressively already by taboo, although in last few years the additive of water-solubility delay corrode that somebody studies to use a few low noxiousness, wait like phosphoric acid of amine of molybdic acid salt, boric acid, 3 alcohol, organic synthesis, but delay corrode effect is not ideal, and add a capacity big, relative cost is higher. The article introduces IP6 of corrosion inhibiter of a kind of natural and avirulent water-solubility, apply in metallic cutting fluid, overcame all sorts of malpractice of afore-mentioned of all kinds additive completely, have extensive promotion application value. IP6 (annulus already 6 alcohol fat of 6 phosphoric acid) structural formula C6H18O24P6, the exterior is liquid of Brown and ropy shape, it is product of a kind of avirulent chemical industry that collects from inside grain crop; 12 the 24 oxygen atom that because be had in its element structure,can cooperate with the metal, hydroxyl and 6 phosphoric acid radical, when be being contacted with the metal, a diaphragm of compact organic only member is formed extremely easily in metallic surface, make electrode potential of the metal becomes with aluminous, gold, prevented a metal effectively thereby corrode. A large number of practice prove IP6 is metallic corrosion inhibiter familial in product of the good environmental protection of rare water-solubility, can use liquid of Yu Shuiji cutting extensively, in the product such as antirust, clear lotion. Watch 1 those who contain different chroma IP6 try fluid to be opposite the chroma of antirust effect IP6 of metallic test piece 00.


Steel of circumstance of change of surface of 1% test piece piece, cast-iron piece serious and rustily, sheet copper is spent gently become angry, aluminous piece slight pale steel piece, cast-iron piece without rust, if burnish is new; Sheet copper is slight loss of gloss, without rust; Aluminous a steel of slight loss of gloss piece, cast-iron piece, sheet copper, aluminous if a brightness is new IP6 has antirust function to part with the IP6 aqueous solution that adds certain amount macerate steel piece, cast-iron piece, sheet copper and aluminium piece, put into saturated vapor household utensils, check its antirust ability. Experiment condition and circumstance of change of test piece surface see a table inferior. Experimental structure makes clear, IP6 all has admirable antirust capacity to steel, cast-iron, copper, aluminium. PA water base cutting fluid IP6 is mixture of a kind of scarce pincers of much tine metal, with metallic complexing when, can preferential adsorption is in metallic surface, form compact hydrophoby diaphragm. Wait for activator of IP6 and mould inhibitor, lubricant, anti-foaming agent, surface according to afore-mentioned function make up PA water fund to belong to cutting fluid, have lubricate admirably. Cooling, catharsis is antirust wait for integrated function, its are basic the recipe sees a table 2. Basis GB6144-85 standard belongs to cutting fluid to undertake function assess to PA water fund, the result sees a table 3. Watch 2 PA water base cutting fluid composition and craft condition add a capacity (%) lubricant (synthesis) 0.

40 sulphonating are oily 0.

40 anti-foaming agent 0.

Amine of 30 3 alcohol 0.


10 benzoic acid natrium 0.

PH of 25 water surplus is worth 8.


5 watches 3 PA water base the GB6144 of function index project that synthesizes cutting fluid - PA of 85 quality index determine as a result diaphaneity PH is worth  of disappear bubble sex ( of ML/10min) surface tension (transparent or N/cm2) is translucent 8.

0 ~ 10.

2 < of 0 < 4.

0l0-4 is transparent 8.

5 ~ 9.

2 < of 5 < 23.

3xl0-4 corrodes an experiment (55+2 ℃ ) class immersion grey mouth of 45 # steel is cast-iron 24h of LY12 red copper, class A 24h, class A 8h, eligible 8h, eligible 48h, class A 30h, class A 24h, eligible 24h, eligible rust-preventing characteristic experiments one class grey mouth is cast-iron (35+2 ℃ ) odd piece fold a 48h, class A 8h, eligible 48h, class A 16h, eligible IP6 is a kind of admirable water-solubility metal corrosion inhibiter, there all is good antirust performance to all sorts of metal stuff in water medium, can use extensively at metallic cutting fluid, in clear lotion, antirust. The PA that makes up with IP6 water base cutting fluid, its rust-preventing characteristic can be good, do not contain mineral oil, nitrite, the harmful material such as chromate, environmental protection free from contamination, be worth to be popularized energetically. CNC Milling CNC Machining