Differential inject is efficient implementation small products shapes

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The article introduced a kind to be based on the differential inject machine of accurate gear pump, detailed ground elaborated differential inject forming machine to manage, contrasted small injection and differential inject shape basically of craft different, make clear through experimental result: Differential inject shapes but efficient the ground realizes small products shape. Tests Have Proved That Multi Micro-injection Molding Method Based On Precision Gear Pump Can Achieve Efficient Molding Of Micro Products.

The Technical Aspect Of Micro-injection Molding, as Well As The Differences Between This New Technology And Traditional Injection Molding Methods, are Discussed In This Article.

Some closer year come, system of personal computer cable (MEMS) development is rapid. According to the market analysis of NEXUS, the market of MEMS rises the 57 billion dollar 2009 from the 33 billion dollar 2005. The swift and violent development of MEMS is right the demand increase sharply of miniature goods. Numerous and plastic the performance characteristics that can achieve miniature goods place to ask through the means such as modified, make plastic important place is had in the production of miniature goods. Compare with other data phase at the same time, plastic miniature goods can satisfy system of personal computer cable to make the to cost control in the process more. Miniature inject machine is plastic miniature goods shapes basically equipment, its design, treatment has below small measure normally, uses screw or force plunger is general Dou Xiaowu 20mm, treatment difficulty is great, cost is high, make its price house does not fall high. The inject unit of miniature inject machine and photograph of traditional inject machine are compared, the design key of miniature inject machine is the rigid control that realizes pair of small shot. More advantageous Wu Gao's accurate shot controls construction of inject of force plunger type, this makes the inject structure of force plunger type receives wide application on miniature inject machine. Existing miniature inject machine basically is used direct, double rank the model that realizes stock with the inject unit of 3 rank type is changed and nicety is metric. Machine of partial miniature inject. The model of unit of inject of type of screw of tradition of continue to use of unit of direct form inject is changed and inject means, the screw that passes small diameter (normally small at 20mm) the model of the stock of displacement sensor implementation that cooperates tall nicety is changed with gage. Below this circumstance, of the screw treatment precision of small diameter and its machinery intensity the core that rising is unit of inject of machine of screw type small injection. As the development of miniature inject machine, pair of rank laws of screw and union of force plunger photograph be used gradually. In unit of this kind of inject, screw and force plunger are OK and perpendicular decorate, also can become proper point of view (use 45 ° commonly) decorate means. Rotate to undertake to stock through screw beforehand model is changed, in force plunger room carrying fuse-element below the action of pressure. Model changes end after, the valve of screw and force plunger joint is shut, force plunger injects plastic fuse-element of the mould model in antrum. The nicety that passes pair of inject force plunger controls what can realize goods of more accurate miniature to shape. Direct form is mixed the application of miniature inject unit of pair of rank type is wider, already formed maturity commercialize a product. Small injection of Battenfeld3 rank type is unit. 2010 German K is exhibited on, case of German A rich (Arburg) the company rolls out a kind of new-style small injection to shape module. This are small inject shapes the injection that module uses distinctive double screw form is unit. Two screw show 45 ° space to decorate. 15mm of drive of servo electric machinery or the screw of 18mm undertakes beforehand model is changed, carry fuse-element inject antrum inside, the screw that uses 8mm has injection. To prevent the circumfluence of stock, inject unit was designed stop go against a powerful person and sealed system. Be worth what carry is, this are small inject shapes module can assemble and unassemble quickly on the inject machine that uses model of other of Wu Abo case. Unit of small injection of 3 rank type is offerred first by Battenfeld of business of production of famous inject engine, apply Microsystem 50 of machine of Wu Jiwei inject successfully. The inject unit of machine of this miniature inject uses the new-style structure of odd screw double force plunger, plastic grain rotates by screw undertake beforehand model is changed, the stock that model converts enters metric room, the force plunger that contains pressure sensor by undertakes metric. Beforehand the entry that the passageway between model screw and metric room has one rotary valve coming back to control metric chamber is opened shut. Metric the after that finish, rotary valve coming back closes, after of inject force plunger moves open inject room to enter the mouth. Along with after, the plastic fuse-element of accurate already ration is rolled out to shoot a room to enter mould antrum by pressure force plunger inside. Type small injection is hanged to shape outside module. Nextpage although development of miniature inject machine is mature with each passing day, but by Wu Ji component machines difficult, price costly, use common inject machine to undertake small products shapes the way that makes a research. Project of machinery of university of Taiwan area state-maintaineding success is Zhang Zhiren form is registered outside developing small fire an unit. This unit shoots force plunger an orgnaization and mould design to be an organic whole. The means that uses servo electric machinery to drive ball guide screw realizes the gage of fuse-element and inject. Use in addition register form small shoot an unit to be able to be on forming machine of screw of common reciprocating type the function that realizes small injection. Project of machinery of national and successful university fastens piece of abundant glad to hang type small injection to shape external the place with modular insufficient group undertook be optimizinged further. The development of differential inject machine 1) what differential inject machine will introduce under differential system is sex of a kind of innovation base the differential inject machine at accurate gear pump, the differential inject that carries miniature product shapes experiment, preliminary examined the effect that differential inject shapes; Its can control differential inject machine the much nozzle of shot can realize miniature goods efficiently shape. The differential inject aircraft that the article develops is differential inject unit matchs on the foundation of main engine of common inject aircraft. Differential inject unit basically is mixed by differential system shape mould composition. The basic configuration of the machine of sea day inject that the lead plane of differential inject machine uses force combining a model to be 600KN, inject component and the space that combine modular orgnaization to use orthogonal formula are decorated. Differential system uses independent controller to undertake the relevant parameter such as corner of ground of drive electric machinery undertakes install and be controllinged reaching its to differential pump. Differential inject is basic technological process. Stock rotates through inject screw model is changed, what the stock of melt enters differential system below the action of inject pressure and keep fuse-element pressure is constant. Fuse-element pressure reachs set value, spark servo electric machinery rotates; Servo electric machinery drives gear pump to rotate through shaft coupling, the accurate and metric, pressure boost that passes gear pump passes plastic fuse-element nozzle inject to arrive in mould antrum. Pass the corner coming back of set gear pump to spend, controallable enter the stock volume inside mould antrum. 3 temperature that thermocouple has gear pump, billabong board, spray head control the differential system set of inject machine. Every exit of corresponding gear pump provides a spray head, each nozzle all can shape independently small products. For at different products shape, differential shapes the mould is used modular model antrum design, of Wu Cheng goods antrum change quickly. 2) the craft of differential inject machine controls differential inject machine to use basic and as same as common inject machine technological process basically, but also can differ unitly along with inject and differ somewhat. Differential inject is basic technological process and photograph of miniature inject machine are compared, differential inject machine uses differential system to realize the gage of fuse-element, billabong, this also decided to shape in inject the characteristic that craft controls a respect to have its oneself. Among them the rigid control of gear pump is the key that ensures small products shapes, also be the discriminative place with differential inject and groovy small the greatest injection. In differential injection process, the whirl of stock course screw model is changed form fuse-element, screw fuse-element classics inject of billabong board low pressure arrives in gear pump, the entrance pressure of gear pump sparks as differential inject pilot signal, in gear pump mutually explanatory or synonymous characters coming back is shot detect from beginning to end in the process fuse-element pressure ensures of pressure constant. Shape with groovy inject the stop bit place of set screw is similar, differential inject spends the control that realizes shot through the corner coming back of set pump internal gear. 3) differential inject shapes the experiment injects for differential of test and verify of machine shape the effect, the article undertook abecedarian differential inject shapes experiment. Through shaping goods discovers: Differential inject but efficient goods of ground implementation miniature shapes. In small wafer (graph A) shape in the experiment, can shape 6 shot are only 0.

The small wafer of 196cm3. And this shaping those who use is fast change model core method at different products between change. Ply is only 0.

The square of 5mm is chip (graph B) shape use structure of two speech type model core, can shape 12 miniature goods. Grow day and day as the market demand of miniature goods, the development of miniature inject machine is unusually swift and violent also. The direct form that the article emphasizes opportunity of introductory miniature inject, double rank type and the orgnaization form with small unit injection of 3 rank type and its characteristic; Research and development one stage radical the machine of first differential inject at accurate gear pump, had more detailed introduction to the differential system of differential inject machine. The article uses differential inject machine to shape preliminary developed the miniature product such as small wafer, small chip shape experiment; Experimental discovery: The differential inject machine that uses common inject machine to be formed as main body can shape miniature goods. The small subsystem of differential inject machine passes the configuration that uses much spray head to be able to shape efficiently goods. Differential inject shapes goods. Differential inject shapes the method although via the experiment its are in preliminary test and verify material shapes respect especially oneself advantage, but optimize in the structure of form of differential pump orgnaization, differential system and shape craft is optimized wait for a respect to still exist giant promotion vacuum, explore differential inject to shape craft setting and shape the rule will become differential inject to shape the stress that the technology studies. CNC Milling CNC Machining